Hemen zaude: Hasiera Basque-speaking university community

Basque-speaking university community

Unibertsitatea.net has been created as a portal serving the Basque-speaking university community. The Unibertsitatea.net portal is a project of the Udako Euskal Unibertsitatea, UEU, (Basque Summer University) that draws on available information and communication technology.

This project has three main objectives:

  • To provide a meeting place for the university community. This portal aims to be a meeting place and point of reference for anyone associated with or interested in the university, such as students, teaching staff, researchers, parents, members of the press, etc., and thereby to promote the developoment of the Basque-language university community.
  • To centralise information. Nowadays there is a great deal of information out there, and thanks in large part to the Internet that information is easily available. But a mass of indigested information is not particularly useful or interesting; information needs to be activated through document and information management. One of the chief purposes of this portal will be to gather, order and classify information from different sources to make it more accessible to users in a “processed” form, so that a single click can get you to whatever information you are looking for, whether concerning the university or the Basque language.
  • To facilitate communication and interaction. But the portal hopes to do more than just provide information, by also encouraging users to communicate and interact with each other. Fora, blogs, personalised search engines and other features mean that you can not only find out what is going on, but also tell each other about it.

At the moment there are five main sections:

1. Ziztu bizian / In a flash

This section with the latest information consists of four subsections:

  • News: Academic or university-related news, and in general anything about the university. Anyone may post their news or comment on current events. The news items are also available in the form of an RSS feed.

  • Blog community: A University-level blog community, with  blogs dealing with specific areas such as the economy, art, or the environment. A highly attractive and practical way for university instructors and students to share subject-specific news, activities and projects.
  • Bulletin: Subscribers can receive regular e-mail bulletins informing of the latest developments over the past month.
  • Picture gallery: A space for users to share their favourite photos. Uploading pictures and posting comments is easy.

2. Zer, non ikasi / What to study where

Information about university-level programmes: qualifications offered at each university, entry requirements, registration deadlines, etc.

3. Otarrea / Paper tray

A space to share university-level studies, reports, notes and other such documents. There are also documents with a quality stamp here. To obtain a quality stamp, the author must request one and it will be given provided criteria for language and content as set by UEU specialists have been met.

  • Erreminta-kutxa / Toolbox: This subsection offers a classified selection of useful tools for Basque-language study and research, all available over the Internet.

4. Ikasleen txokoa / Student bulletin board

This section was created so that students have a place where they can post their messages to look for accommodation, buy and sell second-hand articles, search for a part-time job, and so on and so forth. And there is also a forum where students all over the Basque Country can stay in touch.

5. Orientazio-zerbitzua / Counselling service

A quality academic advisory service is offered here to university students, students interested in getting into a university, parents and teaching staff. Users will receive a reply within three days. The questions and answers of other students can also be consulted.